How to choose a reliable online casino

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How to choose a reliable online casino

In order to choose a reputable online casino such as freespin features and promo proposals karamba online casino website, pay attention to the following details:

  • Design and themes. If you like the design, it’s much more fun to play in this online casino. Pay attention to your preferences in games – card or machine? It is better if there is a choice between both of them. Also try looking out for special offers that may interest you, such as free spins or cash back bonuses, at Karamba there are regular promotions going on offering new players a welcome bonus.
  • Casinos usually have certain days where special events happen. You can check these out on their websites under calendar events etc., so you could for example get an extra 10% in return.
  • You can also see how long the online casino has been running. The longer they have been in business, the more reliable their reputation is – and most probably they are safe to play on as well (remove one star from you rating if it has been around only for a few months). Check out owner information too: some casinos go by foreign owners and might be far away from your jurisdiction.
  • You should look at the website’s security measures before making any deposits. Make sure SSL certificates as well as firewalls (anti-hack systems) are installed on all pages of the website. These include payment pages where you submit sensitive data such as card numbers or bank accounts etc., – make sure these are always secure.
  • Read reviews of other users in order to avoid casinos with unfair practices in their games, such as rigging, non-random number generation etc. It is preferable if there are reviews in English, but this is not necessary – you can also use Google Translator or similar programs.

What are the security criteria for online casinos?

The first and maybe most important aspect of an online casino is security. There are many people on the internet, who try to make a quick buck by scamming other players out of their hard earned money. And because online casinos usually offer a large amount of money all at once or in quick succession, they also become attractive for hackers and scammers alike. Online casinos must thus not just offer fair games, but must also provide enough security measures such as SSL encryption and data protection.

What information should give online casinos at registration?

Online casinos should give users enough information about their services and gaming options. This information is available at the online casino’s website. When people sign up, they can check what games can be played, if it accepts players from their country and so on. Information should include:

  • Special features of the online casino;
  • Available banking methods;
  • Available languages;
  • License number and name;
  • Amount that has to be invested/played (house edge);
  • Virtual games vs real money games (bonus for one type and restricted acceptance of deposits in another).

How to check the legality of online casinos

The legality of online casinos depends on the country where it is hosted. As long as there are no license or regulation issues, any country allowed to access the internet should have legal online casino software .

As far as European countries are concerned, there are several gambling commissions which ensure fair play and protect players’ interest. For instance, if you plan to gamble in the UK, all you need is a list of official sites reviewed by an authority like eCOGRA (e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation & Assurance). This way you can be sure that your player protection rights are respected. Also note that some countries allow only local companies to host casinos within their borders while others don’t care about the nationality of the company providing games.

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